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Web3 AI Data Infrastructure: Creating 4 Billion Data Jobs by 2050

Empowering Every Human to Contribute to AI and Share the Benefits.

About PublicAI

PublicAI - AI data infra: open to every human contributing data to train AI and sharing the revenue. The team includes world-class AI scientists, IEEE fellows, professors, and PhDs. Mission is to monetize all human knowledge to train Public AGI.

Competitive Workforce

Access the best talent from around the world without the barriers of international banking and central platforms.

Quality Control

Ensure smooth dataset delivery using on-chain staking systems. Leveraging access tests and SBT to verify the capabilities of Validators in specialized data annotation fields.

Cost Efficiency

Reduced work and cost redundancy with PublicAI's on-chain staking and liability mechanisms, outperforming traditional platforms.

Mutual Modal Data

We provide the world's largest decentralized platform for collecting and annotating multi-modal data, including text, audio, video, and mapping data.

Data Collection

AI Builders source and curate high-quality content from social media. Contribute social media and GPT conversation content using the Data Hunter plugin.

Data Labeling

Deliver high-quality, cost-effective data labeling through an AI-assisted workflow: AI Assistants pre-label data, followed by thorough verification by AI Validators.

Model Evaluation

Analyze your AI models' performance: explore model metrics, identify weaknesses, and evaluate models using scenario tests.

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How it works

PublicAI Consensus RLHF Loss Function

PublicAI consensus RLHF loss function



reward function
requesters have tasks that need to be completed

Requesters have tasks that need to be completed

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publicai marketplace

PublicAI Marketplace

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workers want to earn money and work on interesting tasks

Workers want to earn money and work on interesting tasks








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Is my data secure with PublicAI?

Yes, PublicAI prioritizes data security and privacy. We have implemented robust measures to ensure customer data remains safe and secure.

Our platform features multiple layers of security, including:

  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • Access controls to limit data access

We also enforce strict policies and procedures for employees and annotators to follow best practices in data security and privacy.

How does pricing work? Can I just pay-as-I-go?

There are two types of service options. If you choose the PublicAI marketplace, you can get a free tier that provides a complimentary amount of annotation, and you can pay-as-you-go for anything exceeding that amount. This means you only pay for what you use.

To access additional features and enterprise capabilities, you can upgrade to PublicAI Pro for Enterprise.

Do I get charged based on the number of annotators / labelers working on my project?

No! Every service option comes with unlimited annotation team members. You only get charged for the work that your annotators complete.

What data types are supported on PublicAI?

PublicAI V1 supports various data types, including:

  • General image annotation
  • 2D semantic segmentation
  • Text collection
  • Document transcription
  • Named entity recognition
  • Video playback annotation
  • LIDAR (3D) annotation
What are the advantages of PublicAI over other crowdsourcing task platforms?

PublicAI has several advantages over centralized crowdsourcing platforms like Mturk and Appen:

  • Eliminates price differentials, reducing task costs
  • WEB3 reputation system with incentives and penalties promotes virtuous growth
  • Crypto payment channel solves international labor settlement obstacles, welcoming global members
Who can join the PublicAI ecosystem?

The PublicAI ecosystem includes various roles:

  • Task publishers
  • Workers
  • Job reviewers
  • Labeling guilds
  • Approvers
  • Councils

You can:

  • Publish tasks via PublicAI in various service modes
  • Join the labor force and complete tasks for payment
  • Join as a labeling service provider (guild) to offer Pro services